Friday, May 21, 2010

On the Go!!!

Oh, my dear blog, how I've neglected you. I've had so many ideas floating around in my mind, potential posts that my heart is just aching for me to write, but I simply haven't been able to find the time and/or the creative space to do so. I am often envious of writers who seem to be able to "do it all," (family, work, hobbies, exercising, writing) and sometimes I get a bit down on myself for not being able to keep up at such a fast pace. The truth is, however, that I am simply not that person at all. I don't cope well with a full plate, I cringe at the mere mention of routines (unless they have been mandated by my 2-year-old...), and I have always, always fought with every ounce of me against anything that could even pretend to hold me back. Seriously, I am a free spirit through and through, a lover of adventure, and a creature of passion.

So, sweet blog, where does this leave you? How do I squeeze you into my routine-less routine? How do I justify hanging out with you over other "priorities?" Just two days ago, for instance, I decided, rather spontaneously, that it would be super fun for us to drive the 1 hour and 15 minute drive up to Mount Mitchell just because we hadn't been in a while (about 8 months) and, um, because I knew the meteorological conditions were going to be pretty gnarly. I was not mistaken. The temp. at the parking area was 44 degrees, but it had to be even cooler than that up at the summit, where stiff northwest winds nearly took your breath away and, uh, so did the sunrays burting through the menacing clouds, illuminating far-away mountains. Did I mention that we brought our 2-year-old daughter (in winter gear, of course)?

Or how about two weekends ago, where we decided on a whim to go (primitive) camping... several hours before we left, even though knew we could only stay for one night because temps. the following night were going to be in the low-40's (which we wouldn't have batted an eyelash over pre-daughter, by the way. We've totally camped in the low 20's!). That's a sh*t-load of packing and unpacking, setting up and tearing down, for about 15 hours of camping, but to me, it was totally worth it... I mean, we got to experience some of the first lightning bugs of the season, man! Did I mention (again) that our 2-year-old was with us?!

This, poorest blog, is my crazy, atypical, perhaps slightly over-the-top life. Most people I know hang out on weekends and like, cookout or something. We typically cram more stuff into one weekend than some folks do in a year. I suppose you could say that we're always "on the go," but our priorities just happen to look a bit different than most people accused of the same thing. So, I guess I've got to surmise that my blog posts are going to be very few and far between, at least while the weather is "nice" (that is, 2-year-old appropriate. I've, personally, met very little "bad" weather!) and that's a-ok! In the meantime, I have been tending to and photographing all the plants in the yard and will post them in some form or fashion, either here or elsewhere.

Until next time, c'est la vie!!!